What’s in your bag? My bag!

Just got back from a long trip to the UK a few weeks and I’m truly missing it now.

This trip was a chance for me to show off a bit of clothes different to what I’d usually wear in Saudi and GCC in general (abaya and leggings and a tankie under). And of course, accessories look different with an outfit other than an abaya rightt?

For most of the days, I had to leave my babies indoors (yup didn’t leave their boxes inside the suitcase) because of the rain 😦

Now that I’m back, back to hunting cool fashionable stuff, I stumbled upon this cool instagram page that sells these Hermes inspired plastic pouch bag that are perfect!

image image image

They look absolutely perfect as a bag and also a great raincoat for your bags – just perfect! Their called no faux official and the handle and lock straps are made of leather in different colors to match your bag or wallet of course!

Considering getting one or two because they are really perfect for light coloured bags they may get damaged rubbing off clothes or abaya.

Check them out on Instagram @nofauxofficial

Accessories overload

So, over accessorising has been a trend for the longest time and doesn’t seem to be fading away anytime soon?

I love my jewels but I feel like it’s getting overboard and losing taste – knuckle rings are cool but I always lose them! Maybe  just careless I don’t know.. But ya I’m still hesitant as to purchase more knuckle rings, ear cuffs, full finger diamond or crystal encrusted sets, Arabic calligraphy jewels and accessories etc.

it’s cool yes but how to choose? So many great international and local designers it makes it so hard to pick something you end up throwing the pile you collected and just walk away. Love to stick to my essential everyday small pieces but here are my top 10 picks in no particular order:


Ryan Storer Ear Cuff
Alabbar designs
Arabic calligraphy bangle by Azza Fahmy
Yvonne Lewis stack rings
Eddie Borgo
Apriati trademark by Qirdala


Dagger rings by LeiVanKash
حب bracelets by Charmaleena
Chanel pearl bracelet



Atlas bangles by Tiffany & Co.